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Answers to all of your questions about posting your items for sale on

How much does it cost to list an item?

Thanks to our sponsors, our ads are FREE.

How many ads can I post?

We want the system to be easy to use, so we’ve set the limit high at 50 ads per user.

How do I post my stuff in Buy Sell?

Posting in the Buy & Sell should be a fairly straightforward process. What you want to do is the SUBMIT AD button at the top of the site. Then follow the steps that are shown. When posting a Buy & Sell entry, try to include any information someone would like to know (i.e. price, weight, active phone number for day and night, email, color and/or size, shipping costs, etc).

How is this better than listing my Fishing and Hunting stuff on Craigslist?

We love Craigslist, but listings are specific to your area. So the Buyer looking for your Fishing Rod in New Hampshire will never see it if it’s listed in Tucson. Since most Fishing gear and equipment is easily shipped, and the market beyond your local area is much bigger we can add value. So why not advertise it to anyone, and increase your likelihood of selling it.

Is it okay to list firearms, firearms parts, or ammo?

This is a complicated one. For now, the answer is no. We do not allow users to post firearms, firearm parts, or ammo. Post of that kind will be removed from the site. Don’t send us nasty emails or bash us because of it. We’d like to add this feature in the future, but there are some legal things to consider in this regard. For now, refrain from posting these items on the site. Thanks!

What about scammers? is in no way responsible for transactions that take place through the HookandBullet Buy and Sell. The Buy and Sell is a fee-free classified community bulletin board and is not associated with our online secure server. HookandBullet provides no guarantee or insurance for payment delivery, product quality or product shipping. Persons posting ads are legally responsible for what they post and will openly assist law enforcement in the criminal investigation of matters that take place through this website. Never send cash through the mail; postal money orders, and certified cheques are safer, as they can usually be traced and can only be cashed by the person named on the face of the document. Just remember that the postal money order / certified cheque is as good as cash to the person it’s written to and doesn’t provide you with a method of stopping payment once it’s cashed. If you become the victim of a fraudulent transaction, immediately contact your local police, file a report, and have them contact for investigation assistance.

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